E3 is a construction and engineering firm providing comprehensive facility solutions that create safe and comfortable indoor environments, reduce energy usage, and improve operational efficiency. Our design and installation expertise lies in HVAC system upgrades and replacements, LED lighting upgrades, indoor air quality analysis and improvements, building automation system optimization and commissioning, energy auditing, water conservation, and on-going performance management services.


Our business development folks work with clients to understand their facility problems and offer custom solutions understanding each client is unique. Brand and product neutrality means we develop projects that fit our clients and don’t make our clients fit a product.


Having engineers in-house allows us to own our projects from start to finish. E3 is a turnkey firm that delivers projects for the price stated. If we miss something, we fix it out of our pocket and work until it’s right.


We only build what we design. Stellar communication between our engineers and project managers, coupled with extensive knowledge of construction best practices, ensures projects are done right the first time.


We stay connected after the scope of work is complete. Performance Management is our commitment to an ongoing partnership with our clients to ensure facilities operate efficiently and comfortably for the long haul.


E3 has a proven track record, serving over 350 Texas clients with comprehensive solutions that often include IAQ technology. In fact, E3 has been installing ionizers since 2015 with 5,400 installed to date. We’ve created a reference page to help you understand your options as they relate to IAQ and would love to offer a free HVAC and facility analysis to help you determine the best technology and equipment for your needs.

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