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Comprehensive district-wide lighting upgrades for Hale Center ISD, encompassing High School, Carr Middle School, Akin Elementary School, and athletic stadiums. The project includes the design, engineering, and installation of energy-efficient lighting systems, enhancing visibility and safety across all facilities.

LED Retrofit Solutions

Bryan ISD

Bryan ISD and E3 partnered to implement $6M in energy efficiency improvements at BISD’s facilities throughout 2020 and 2021. E3 was selected over eight other engineering firms to provide the required Utility Assessment Report to SECO for LoanSTAR funding, and E3 was later selected by BISD to provide the improvements on a design-build basis.

The project included a district-wide, comprehensive LED lighting retrofit at 24 facilities. The E3/Bryan ISD project won the Texas Energy Managers Association (TEMA) 2020 Project of the Year.

Prosper ISD

E3 performed a comprehensive LED retrofit and replacement project at Prosper High School, involving the installation of 5,158 LED fixtures. The project included all material procurement, labor, and equipment necessary for the installation, as well as the removal, disposal, and recycling of old lighting materials.

Nacogdoches ISD

E3 completed a comprehensive retrofit using Qualite Sports Lighting’s new LED system. The scope included removing old lights, installing new GameChanger LED fixtures, and integrating wireless controls for comprehensive management. The project delivered 30 foot-candles on the football field and ambient light on the track, all covered by a 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Royal ISD

E3 completed a new sports lighting installation at Royal ISD in Royal, Texas. The project included installing four new galvanized steel direct-embedded sports lighting poles at an 80-foot height, achieving an average of 52 foot-candles on the football field. The scope also involved the removal and disposal of four existing sports lighting poles and towers. The installation featured wireless lighting controls and was covered by specific warranty terms, ensuring performance and maintenance over time.

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